As you take care of your 13 weeks old baby, you will realize the importance of establishing a customized baby routine for your own family. Parents often guard their baby’s nap time and do not allow anybody to make any noise. Even loud laughter if frowned upon as the loud noise may disturb the 13 weeks old baby sleep. It is important to fill your baby’s growing days with a variety of learning experiences.

By this stage, your 13 weeks old baby would have developed a better vision and he will be intrigued by his surroundings. This is the right time to bring him colorful toys, soft toys that make sounds or baby books with colorful pictures in it. You can also use old magazines that are filled with colorful images.

The 13 weeks old baby is more attracted to red and blue color and you can buy books that contain red or blue colored images so that the baby would like it. You can also take the baby out to the shopping mall or play area as the baby will enjoy the new surroundings. When you buy a rattle for your 13 weeks old baby, make sure you get one that is of the see through type, where the baby can see the beads moving.

At this stage it is also important to get the baby checked and one must make sure that he is given all the vaccinations on time. Many parents are ignorant about the importance of vaccines, as they provide protection against harmful diseases and ensure good health.

13 week old baby milestones:

According to a basic school of thought, babies should be allowed to feed or sleep at their own will. But, if you are trying to set your baby’s routine, you will have to customize the routine in such a way that it suits your baby’s needs and requirements. Following the same routine, each day will give your baby a sense of control and security. Since your baby is growing and developing, you need to make important changes in your baby’s routine.

It is important to watch for 13 week old baby milestones which are used for ascertaining his growth and development. According to the 13 week old baby milestones, your baby should be able to eat solids. But before starting solids, you must discuss the 13 week old baby milestones with the doctor.

The doctor may advise you to start solids by adding a few teaspoons of rice cereal to baby formula or breast milk. This is important as the baby is growing and reaching all important 13 week old baby milestones and requires more energy. Some of the other 13 week old baby milestones include that the baby should be able to roll over to both sides. He has a better head and neck control and when lying on his stomach, he may move his limbs, as if he were swimming.

These are some of the important milestones that you need to watch out for as your baby reaches the 13 week old mark. You can also maintain a chart of your 13 week old baby growth and developmental milestones.