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13 week old baby or 13 week old infant

Parents who are ignorant about sleep training, often assume that it is normal for their 13 week old baby to wake up at night; and accept the fact that it is the parents’ job to nurture and take care of the baby all day as well as night. But experts suggest that it is also important to establish a baby routine. A Baby routine consists of pre specified timings for feedings, bathing and sleeping.

If the baby has started taking solids then you can also include this in the 13 week old baby routine. The most important part is the bedtime routine. Many parents, who have not yet established a bedtime routine for their 13 week old baby, often dread putting their baby to sleep.

In some cases, the parents complain that the 13 week old baby just would not go to sleep. There could be many reasons, as the baby may have rested for a long time during the day. The baby may be going through the growth spurt phase or the 13 week old baby may not be feeling well. He could be hungry or if he just wants to be close to you.

When you establish sleeping routine for you baby, you must make sure that the baby is not napping for too long during the daytime. He must be playing actively by the time he has reached the 13 week mark. You can also get colorful toys like the rattle, books with colorful images and other soft toys.

Every parent is a human being first and he requires a good night sleep so that he is able to cope with the challenges of the next day. Similarly, babies also require a good sleep and nutrition so that they can grow and develop. Most parents establish a sleeping routine for the 13 week old infant, so that he is trained to sleep through the night. By this age, your baby would be more active and you will notice that he is throwing objects and toys on the floor as he enjoys the reaction he is getting from that act.

A 13 week old infant will find it very exciting to make loud noises by throwing objects on the floor. As a parent, one must avoid shouting at the baby when he throws the object on the floor, and quietly remove the toy from his hands.

This way, the 13 week old infant will lose all interest in the act and stop throwing objects on the floor. If your 13 week old infant is showing an interest in what you are eating at the dinner table, then you can also give him small finger food that he may enjoy. One must make sure that the 13 week old infant is sitting in upright position while eating. This must be followed in order to avoid choking hazards in the infant.

You can also consult the doctor, in order to find out if your infant is ready for solids. The doctor will check the baby’s weight, height and circumference of the head in order to ascertain the rate of growth and development.

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