A doctor once said that when he heard comments like “I am at the end of the rope” or “we are out of our wits” from the parents of 14 weeks old babies, he could predict what was coming next. It certainly had to do with sleep deprivation, due to the 14 weeks old baby Sleep pattern. This is very common when the 14 weeks old baby is growing and reaching important milestones.

Growing can be exhausting for your 14 weeks old baby and he will tend to nap longer during the daytime. Thus he could stay awake during the night and just won’t go to sleep. It is important that you maintain a fixed bedtime routine, and ensure that the baby is more awake and active during the daytime.

Some of the major developments in your baby will occur during this phase, and the baby will learn to respond to his name. If your 14 weeks old baby still does not respond to his name then you should make sure that you refer to the baby by his name. You can do this when you are doing regular activities like changing the baby’s diapers or feeding him, you should refer to him by his name. The 14 weeks old baby will also respond to you when you say ‘no’.

Your baby will also be able to distinguish between emotions by the change in your tone of voice. Your babies are very sensitive and can also reflect your emotions. You will notice that when you are tensed or stressed, your baby also reflects the same emotion.

Sleep Habits:

Sleep is very important for growth and development, and if one is deprived of sleep, one will be less playful, less creative and do less multitasking. Therefore, one must get a good night sleep, so that he will be able to give his full one hundred percent on the next day.

But parents, who have not yet established a sleeping routine for their 14 week old baby, are often deprived of sleep and this will leave them exhausted and cranky for the next day. If you can feel that you are going through the same experience and want to establish a 14 week old baby sleep routine, then you must follow certain guidelines:

  • It is important to make sure that the baby is at the right age and right weight and does not have any illness. This must be necessarily done before setting the 14 week old baby sleep routine.
  • In order to establish a healthy 14 week old baby sleep schedule, one must make sure that the baby is not be allowed to nap for too long during the daytime.
  • You can keep the baby awake in the evening by involving him in family room, where his family and siblings can interact with him.
  • One must make sure that the baby gets a supplemental bottle of baby formula during the 14 week old baby sleep routine.
  • It is important to follow the same bedtime routine like bath, changing and feeding that should be done at the same time each night.
  • If the baby wakes up at night, after making sure that nothing is wrong, you must encourage the baby to go back to sleep. It is advisable not to open all lights and involve the baby in any kind of play activity, at that time.