If your 15 week old baby development is normal, then it is time to wean the baby away from the bottle and get back to work. But according to the pediatricians, it is important to continue giving the baby breast milk until he is over one year old.

Today, a wide variety of equipment and facilities are available, so that the mother can continue supplying breast milk for the baby. But it is advisable to consult the doctor in order to ascertain the 15 week old baby development.

You will find breast pumps and other feeding supplies in the market that you can use while you are working at the office. This way, you make breast milk available for the baby while he is at the daycare center.

Breast milk is very important for the 15 week old baby development as it contains the nutritious hind milk. If your baby has started taking solids, then you can also give him a more fulfilling meal with rice cereal mixed in breast milk or formula.

Initially you can give him a few spoons of rice cereal. But before starting solids one must make sure that the 15 week old baby development is normal and he is able to digest rice cereal. Then gradually you can shift to boiled and strained vegetables and fruits. You can also try giving the baby mashed over ripe bananas and apple sauce.

You can also replace rice cereal with wheat or oats in the 15 week old baby feeding schedule. It is a miracle how your baby is growing up and reaching his 15 week old baby milestones. Here is a list of some of the important 15 week old baby milestones. One can also consult the doctor about the 15 week old baby milestones.

If your baby has not reached any of the 15 week old baby milestones and he is of the right age and right weight, then there is no need to worry as he will reach his milestones sooner or later. One must not compare your baby with another baby who has reached his milestones, as each baby as his own rate of growth and development.

The baby has developed better cognitive abilities by now. If you hide his favorite toy partially under a pillow, he will be able to find it. The baby would be more interested in exploring the world with his hands and mouth, and if you place his favorite toy in front of him, he will struggle to get it.

As you call out your baby’s name, he will respond to it. He will even listen to you when you say no. Although the baby cannot understand your language he will be able to understand what you are saying by the tone of your voice. Your baby will be able to distinguish emotions by tone of voice. He may also respond to you by babbling or making sounds.

He will develop a full color vision and prefers red and blue colors over all other shades. You can also make a note of all 15 week old baby milestones, which you can show to your doctor on your next visit.