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What is Allergic Rhinitis & How is it caused?

Allergic rhinitis is one such condition created by the harmful effect of altered immunity. The word allergy means as altered reactivity of the body immune system to certain environment substances, namely-allergens. However the same protective mechanisms may at times become harmful when the body tries eliminate allergens from the system. …

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Newborn questions

Newborn questions – Parenting Baby is not just letting him grow as it is. There is more to it. Since the start of this site, many parents have written to me about specific newborn questions. This is an unsettling time for all families, especially after the birth of a first newborn. …

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Communicating with your Baby

 Reading your baby’s cues: Babies can express their feelings and needs in many ways. Learning to read your baby is very important, especially for parents who want to respond to their baby’s needs appropriately. Crying is a major source of communication that the newborn baby has. So in one way, …

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Baby Feeding Schedule

Strict baby Feeding Schedule In the first half of the twentieth century, babies were usually kept on very strict, regular baby feeding schedule. Doctors did not know the cause of the serious intestinal infections that afflicted tens of thousands of babies with severe diarrhea yearly. It was believed that these …

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