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2 month old baby boy

Most parents think that all that their 2 month old baby boy does is feed, poop and sleep, but they fail to realize that their baby boy has emotions. It takes only the trained eye of an experienced parent to gauge the emotions of your 2 month old boy. As …

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2 month old baby diarrhea

Just when you think that you have got the hang of parenting, everything changes, as your 2 month old baby diarrhea is causing the baby to be more irritable due to fever and vomiting. If you take the baby to the doctor, he will ask you if the baby has …

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15 weeks old baby Sleep

You may come across many books that will give you practical advice for taking care of your15 weeks old baby, but nothing can prepare you for the reality. As your 15 weeks old baby has become more active, you will have to be more vigilant and make sure you remove …

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14 weeks old baby Sleep

A doctor once said that when he heard comments like “I am at the end of the rope” or “we are out of our wits” from the parents of 14 weeks old babies, he could predict what was coming next. It certainly had to do with sleep deprivation, due to …

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13 week old baby milestones

As you take care of your 13 weeks old baby, you will realize the importance of establishing a customized baby routine for your own family. Parents often guard their baby’s nap time and do not allow anybody to make any noise. Even loud laughter if frowned upon as the loud …

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