Centric relation (not centric occlusion)is the relation of the mandible to the maxilla when the mandibular condyles are in the most superior and retruded position in their glenoid fossa with the articular disc properly interposed. Centric relation is also called ligamentous position or terminal hinge position. At centric relation both… Continue Reading Centric occlusion

Dental agehas been used for centuries as a parameter for expressing biological maturity. It is of particular interest to the pedodontists and orthodontists in planning of different types of malocclusions in relation to maxillo-facial growth. Dental age also plays a great role in forensic odontology and pediatric endocrinopathies. Dental age… Continue Reading Dental age

The physiologic process resulting in the elimination of deciduous dentition is called exfoliation or shedding. This shedding or exfoliation is due to progressive resorption of the roots of the deciduous teeth and their supporting tissue, the periodontal ligament. In general, the pressure generated by the growing and erupting permanent tooth… Continue Reading Exfoliation