ChineseĀ  history of dentistry – Ancient China is responsible for contributing much to the modem world. Specifically, this civilization introduced many innovations to the field of dentistry. The ChineseĀ  history of dentistry developed several methods of treating tooth disease, many before western European countries utilized them. For example, they began… Continue Reading Chinese history of dentistry

Phoenicians history of dentistry – The Phoenicians were an ancient civilization that occupied the area known today as Syria and Lebanon. Their was a culture that consisted mainly of traders. These ancient seamen traveled the Mediterranean Basin and through these explorations gained much insight and knowledge into various technologies. The… Continue Reading Phoenicians history of dentistry

Egyptian history of dentistry – One of the greatest civilizations of ancient times was the Egyptians. There was a well-defined class system in Egyptian history of dentistry Those within the upper hierarchy often proved to become extraordinary in their field. The system helped to produce some of the most accomplished… Continue Reading Egyptian history of dentistry

Antihypertensive drugs – Clinically hypertension is persistently raised arterial pressure which is primarily due to increased vascular resistance in the systemic circulation. In due course of time, heart undergoes hypertrophy and subsequently failure because it has to work against a permanently increased after load. If the condition remains untreated and… Continue Reading Antihypertensive Drugs