PEM Management: Depending on the severity, PEM may be managed at home, nutritional rehabilitation centers, or hospital. Hospitalization is indicated in cases with severe PEM, life-threatening complications, severe anorexia and refusal to accept oral feeds, emotionally deprived or neglected child, and failure of domiciliary treatment. PEM Management aims towards diagnosis… Continue Reading PEM Management

Nutritive value of Indian foods – Due to marked geographic variations in India, It is important to consider local food preferences, availability and affordability, while offering nutritional counseling. Nutritive value of Indian foods are discussed here. All protein and caloric values in the following discussion are given as in 100… Continue Reading Nutritive value of Indian foods

Balanced diet for children is the ‘diet containing variety of foods in such quantities and proportions, which fulfills the needs for all essential nutrients, necessary to maintain optimal health and growth. Principles: General characteristics of a balanced diet for children, based on dietary goals from various sources (Prudent diet; WHO)… Continue Reading Balanced diet for children

Weaning (Complementary feeding) may be defined as “gradual introduction of semi-solids and solids in baby’s diet apart from breast milk, to meet their growing demands, usually at 4-6 months.” Note that weaning is a complementary process and not the discontinuation of Breast feeding, which should continue as long as possible.… Continue Reading What is weaning & when is it required

Top feeding means feeding of milks other than the breast milk in early infancy, should be strictly discouraged. However, it may be necessary in rare instances of true lactation failure, maternal death/serious sickness, or any absolute/relative contraindication for Breast feeding. Top feeding may be loosely classified as exclusive top-feeding, or… Continue Reading Top feeding – Other than breast milk

Although Breast feeding (BF) is a norm in India, many problems during lactation may be avoided by following correct breastfeeding practices, discussed below — Antenatal preparation is one of the good breastfeeding practices with Breast examination to check protractility of nipples, maternal counseling regarding importance and correct practices of Breast feeding,… Continue Reading Breastfeeding practices