Periodontal Surgery – Specialized surgical instruments are utilized in periodontal surgery. Surgical instruments and materials may be classified in the following manner: • Excisional and incisional instruments • Surgical curettes and sickles • Periosteal elevators • Surgical chisels and hoes • Surgical ifies • Scissors and nippers • Pocket-puncturing forceps… Continue Reading Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal Instruments – As previously mentioned, plaque with its bacterial by-products plays the key role in initiating the periodontal disease process. Calculus and overhanging restorations provide places for plaque to accumulate on the tooth and in the sulcus. DEBRIDEMENT PROCESS The debridement process involves the removal of calculus, plaque, and… Continue Reading Periodontal Instruments

Endodontic Instruments are generally made of carbon or steel, however recently NiTi instruments, made up of titanium and of Nickel, are introduced in the field of Endodontics. In addition of mechanical manipulation during the endodontic procedures, the Endodontic Instruments are supposed to be able to withstand sterilization in the autoclave.… Continue Reading Endodontic Instruments