Periodontal risk assessment – A comprehensive periodontal examination is necessary to ascertain the presenting condition of the patient. In addition to examining the patients periodontal status, information regarding the patient’s medical history, past dental history, and a thorough soft and hard tissue examination will allow the practitioner to formulate a… Continue Reading Periodontal risk assessment

The Periodontal Screening and Recording (PSR) Examination was developed in order to streamline the data gathering and record keeping for the screening of periodontal examination. The PSR exam is patterned after the Community periodontal Index of Treatment Needs CPITN of the World Health Organization (WHO). This kind of examination is… Continue Reading Periodontal Screening and Recording

The periodontal examination data may be recorded on paper or saved in a digital format. There are many examples of periodontal charts. What Adjunctive Techniques Are Available to Help in the Diagnosis of the Periodontal Diseases or Other Periodontally-Related Diseases or Conditions? Bacterial culturing and sensitivity periodontal examination: Bacterial culturing… Continue Reading Periodontal examination

Periodontal diagnosis and periodontal treatment planning are critical steps in the process of periodontal disease management. Diagnosis and treatment planning are the direct outcomes of a periodontal assessment. An accurate diagnosis and an effective periodontal treatment planning should be based upon a compressive assessment of periodontal signs and patient symptoms.… Continue Reading Periodontal treatment planning