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Preschooler development

A less-rebellious age Boys and girls around three have reached a Preschooler stage in their emotional development when they feel that their fathers and mothers are wonderful people and they want to be like them. The automatic resistance and hostility that were just below the surface in the two-year-old seem to …

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Your 2 year old child

2 year old toddler time “A tumultuous time”: Some refer to this period as the “terrible twos”. It’s not really a terrible time, though; it’s a terrific time, although few call it the “terrific twos”. It’s a time when your child is beginning to come into her own and learn …

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Child development 12-24 months

Tough time handling baby’s Behavior Dawdling: A mother of eighteen-year-old boy talks with him every day to the grocery store. She complains that instead of walking right along, he wanders across the sidewalk and climbs the front steps of every house they pass on the way. The more she calls …

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Yeast infection in babies

This may turn out a nightmare sometimes because we lack awareness on what the Yeast infection in babies is all about, how does it happen, the causes, how to identify them, the symptoms and what can be the cure, the treatment. We have this informative article where we will be …

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Dystopia canthorum

Many of us wonder what dystopia canthorum could be. Not many are aware about this syndrome and what exactly it means and what is the cause for the same. Let’s read further to check what is it all about? Waardenburg syndrome comprises of many hereditary disorders, like the abnormal pigmentation …

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