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Products liability

Products liability refers to the physical agent which caused the injury or death of the patient during treatment by the doctor. The injury or death of the patient may result from the unexpected byproduct of faulty, defective, or negligently designed medical or surgical instruments or inadequate operating instructions. In such …

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Contributory negligence

CONTRIBUTORY NEGLIGENCE Contributory negligence is any unreasonable conduct, or absence of ordinary care on the part of the patient, or his personal attendant, which combined with the doctor’s negligence, contributed to the injury complained of, as a direct, proximate cause and without which the injury would not have occurred. These …

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Indian medical association

Functions of Indian medical association: Medical Register The Council maintains a register of medical practitioners, known as the Indian Medical Register. It contains the names of all persons who are enrolled on any State Medical Register. If the name of a person enrolled on a State Medical Register is removed from …

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