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Reiters disease

Reiters disease is a reactive form of arthritis characterized by a triad of seronegative arthritis, urethritis and conjunctivitis. Young adult males are commonly affected and the disease is rare in females. Its incidence is highest in 3rd and fourth decades. Most of the patient of the diseases are HLA-B27 positive. …

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Viral arthritis

Viral arthritis – A number of viral diseases ranging from Rubella, Hepatitis B, Chikungunya to mumps, entero virususes and adenovimses may produce a mild form of arthritis without any destructive changes in the joint. In rubella, arthritis which involves primarily small joints of the hands and wrist follows a few …

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Tuberculous arthritis

Tuberculous arthritis is a slowly growing form of disease and causes a monoarticular form of arthritis which involves either young or elderly people. It is as a result of reactivation of primary tubercular focus elsewhere in the body. Commonly the knee, hip, wrist or ankle joint is involved. There is low …

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Gonococcal Meningococcal arthritis

Gonococcal arthritis  is an important form of arthritis which involves young adults of either sex who indulge in sexual abuse. About 2-5% of those suffering from gonorrhoea develop this complication. Clinically patient presents with fever, mild inflammatory asymmetrical polyarthritis with migratory joint paths. There is painful tenosynovitis. The joints mainly …

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Disease modifying anti rheumatic drugs (DMARDS)

It is now agreed that Disease modifying anti rheumatic drugs (DMARDS) should be started early in disease i.e. within 3-6 months of onset of symptoms when patient has persistent polyarticular synovitis, joint deformity and reduction in functional capacity. Traditionally patients are put on Disease modifying anti rheumatic drugs (DMARDS) when they fail …

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Rheumatoid arthritis – diagnosis, pathology, features and treatment

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic immune-inflammatory disease which affects peripheral joints in a symmetrical manner producing inflammatory changes, with cartilage destruction, bony erosions and resultant bone deformities and systemic manifestations which occur in a fair percentage of cases. The prevalence of the disease is worldwide and approximately one percent of …

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