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3 month baby feeding schedule

The modern working mother is faced with the dilemma of taking care of the 3 month baby feeding schedule, while pursuing her career. But if you are breast feeding, you can take breaks from the place of work in order to attend to the baby, at a nearby daycare center.

Breast milk is considered as the best natural source of nutrition for the the baby. It has been found to contain natural antibodies that aid the baby in fighting diseases as it improves the immune system. In the case of working mothers, the breast milk can also be substituted with baby formula in the baby schedule.

However, the working mothers can also buy a high quality breast pump and pump the breast milk during the day and store it is a safe container and give it to the caregiver at the day care center in order to feed the baby on the next day. The breast pump is also used to retain the efficiency of the breasts to produce a steady flow of milk for the growing baby.

3 month baby feeding schedule
3 month baby feeding schedule

There are many advantages of pumping breast milk for the working women as it ensures that the baby gets his share of breast milk in his daily schedule. Breast milk is most nutritious for the baby and cannot be found in even the most advanced bottled baby formula.

It has been found that babies who are fed breast milk in their daily feeding schedule have a higher level of immunity as compared to most formula fed babies. Pediatricians recommend breast milk as the best form of nutrition for growing and developing babies.

According to pediatricians, although there is no right age for introducing solid foods, the 3 month baby feeding schedule must exclusively include breast milk or iron fortified baby formula.

At this stage, the digestive system of the baby is not matured enough for any foreign food proteins and may cause food allergies and complications later on in life. Therefore, it is advisable for the parents to rely on milk as the best source of nutrition in the feeding schedule.

Pediatricians around the world recommend breast milk in the 3 month baby feeding schedule, as it is the most nutritious and natural form of food source for the growing babies.

Therefore, they often encourage the mothers to give breast milk to the growing babies as it has many nutritional as well as emotional benefits for the baby. Breast milk contains antibodies that are useful in protecting the baby from all kinds of infections.

Therefore, breast milk or baby formula must be the only ingredients. As the baby’s digestive tract is not well developed, solid food items are completely off limits at this stage. Milk has many benefits as the baby formula is fortified with vitamins and iron.

But, it is important to avoid cow’s milk in the 3 month baby feeding schedule, as the baby could develop an allergy to it. Moreover, it has been proven that breast fed babies are less likely to develop diseases as compared to formula fed babies, so breast milk is the best form of nutrition for babies.

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