Growth spurts in babies appear all of a sudden as the baby is growing and developing. It has been found that as soon as the baby doubles his birth weight, he experiences 3 month growth spurt.

Growth spurts can be tracked with the aid of a growth chart. Growth charts are provided by the pediatrician and one can also download it from the internet. A 3 month growth spurt chart will show the growth curve more or less stable as the baby does not seem to be gaining much weight.

This can be very exhausting for the parents, as the baby just would not calm down with a pacifier. If the baby is breastfeeding, the mother will have to give him more feedings. In case he is bottle fed, more number of bottles would be required.

3 Months is too early to start cereal for the baby. Growth spurts can also boost the supply of milk, as the mother is feeding more often. The babies get the more nutritious hind milk while feeding for longer times. This is the time the babies are gaining weight and growing.

The pediatrician must be informed about the baby’s feeding habits and one can also start introducing solids to the baby. One can start with rice cereal, that is mixed with breast milk or iron fortified formula. But if you baby is not ready for solids, it is advisable to wait and try again.

But as the 3 month growth spurt time appears, the baby will start taking more feeding. To the first time parents, it may see like the baby is feeling hungrier. If the 3 month growth spurt is observed at night, the baby would be restless all night and get up more often for feedings.