When the baby is 3 month old, it goes through lot of physical and mental developments. When the child is one month old, the baby could just lift the head for short periods. Now when the baby is 3 month old, the baby will be stronger with the muscles.

During this time, the baby will learn to hold the head for a longer time. When the 3 month old is lying on its stomach, it will be able to lift his head for a longer period and will also try to lift the chest which looks like push ups. When the child is sitting, it will hold his head erect and straight. The child can be encouraged by making sure the parents sit in front of the baby and move a toy encouraging the child to do the same.

3 month old

The development of knees and hip joints can be seen when the baby is 3 month old. The joints become more flexible and the child starts waving and kicking. The muscles become stronger and if the baby is held up and she feels the ground under her feet, she will start pushing her legs down.

The 3 month old will now learn to grasp objects. The coordination of hands and legs get better. However, the child still uses fists to hit any objects. The grasping stage can be developed by encouraging the child to hold objects.

The new mothers can be at some relief during this period. When the child is 3 month old, the sleeping patterns change. The baby now sleeps through out the night. They may wake up sometimes but most of the times, they are fast asleep. Some of the babies may not sleep during the night and they might do this for the first six months.

The 3 month old now has a clear understanding of the parents. They start to recognize their parents. The sense of smell, language and hearing develops in the child and they will be able to use these senses to recognize the objects and their parents. The 3 month old baby may start smiling at strangers who smile at them or may be talk to them; however, they will still prefer having known people around them.

The sense of language can be developed by reading things to the 3 month old. The baby will develop the hearing and language. He will learn the accents, voice and this will develop the aural connection with the child. If the baby looses interest, do not force the baby and let the baby rest for a while.

The 3 month old does not have any demands with the diet. The baby demands only for milk during this period and it is advisable to keep the baby only on breast feeding. Only in situations where the mother’s milk is not available, the other supplements of food can be used. However, research has to be done before helping the baby with other food.

The feeding completely depends on the development and growth. There is no formula that can calculate the amount of food consumed by the baby. As the baby grows, the quantity of food consumed increases. The easiest way to feed the baby is breast feeding.