It is easy for the parents to know when the baby gets fussy, as the baby starts feeling uncomfortable, restless, more hungry, and even the sleeping pattern would not be the same. These are some of the signs of growth spurt, and sometimes it is difficult to identify a growth spurt.

It usually occurs during first few days when you and your baby get discharged from the hospital, and then it may occur at about one week or so. 3 week old baby growth spurt can be known when the baby wakes up more frequently for breast feeding. The few signs of 3 week old baby growth spurt are as follows:

  • Baby is more irritating and fussy.
  • Wakes at night for milk more frequently.
  • Feels hungry most of the time.

While breast feeding the baby for more time as usual, you may also feel hungry and weak. Just eat and drink for your baby, as growth spurt can be addressed by you only when you keep yourself fit.

Growth spurt in babies can come any time and there is no correct date and age recorded so far, as changes can happen anytime. If the baby is healthier and get adapted to changes, growth spurt will not be an issue.

3 week old baby growth spurt can occur any time during that particular week and is the most common period for it to occur. Growth spurt should not be a reason of concern but, it is always advisable to consult your doctor for more clarity on its symptoms.