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9 week old Baby Milestones for Parenting Success

Most parents would like to know about their 9 week old baby milestones. Some of the most important milestones include the ability of your baby to communicate with you. As your baby is growing, the best way to ascertain the growth and development of the baby is through milestones.

There are a plethora of advices, on what everybody should do and what every parent should do. But the best advice for parenting success is through loving care and your own natural instinct. According to experts, babies do not come with a “fragile inside, handle with care” tag, therefore one needs to be very careful while taking care of newborn babies. Babies thrive on love and tender care and you must give them plenty of it.

At this stage, your baby will laugh out loud when you excite him. You will notice a similar reaction whenever you tickle the baby or make a funny face at him. Other indications of 9 week old baby milestones include squealing sounds from the baby whenever he sees his parents or when you show him his favorite toy. You can also involve the baby in a two way communication through baby talk.

You can also consult the doctor about the 9 week old baby milestones. When you take your baby to the doctor for a regular checkup, you can expect the doctor to ask questions about your 9 weeks old baby milestones. This way the doctor will be able to inform you about your baby’s growth and development curve.

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