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Abutment supported crown

The abutment supported crown is a single implant (screw) retained crown.

The abutment supported crown is the treatment of choice in replacing a single missing tooth especially in areas where esthetics is a prime concern, as it requires no involvement or support of other adjacent teeth and yet provides an excellent result.

An implant is used for the abutment supported crown, so this abutment attaches to the crown directly without any support anywhere.

An Abutment is a special attachment fitted to the implant by the metal fused to porcelain crown.

An abutment is usually a tapered screw made up of titanium, which is the safest metal for the bone.

The implant is inserted inside the bone, where as the abutment is held on to the implant with a screw.

The implants come in different sizes according to the area of placement in the bone.

The selection of the implant for placement is done according to the age and the presence of alveolar bone.

After the placement of an implant, first placement of temporary crown is done on the temporary abutment .

This serves two reasons, firstly maintains esthetics and secondly preserves soft tissue margin.

Porcelain fused to metal crowns are usually prescribed to restore implants .but the latest  zirconium are also used for anterior teeth.

This zirconium gives a life like appearance in the end result.

The temporary crown is later replaced by permanent crown at the end of the laboratory procedure.

The metal used in porcelain fused to metal crowns is made in laboratory from a metal alloy which is fused at high temperatures.

The advancement in implant technology  have the better treatment modalities In replacing a single missing tooth by using abutment supported crown.


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  1. What is the difference between a porcelain fused metal crown v. a full porcelain/ceramic crown?

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