Alveolar bone is a distinct bone that is thick in comparison to other bones. The purpose of its density is to accommodate teeth and provide support to them.

There are certain points in the alveolar bone that connect the muscles to protect the bones and teeth.

This bone is also called alveolar process. Any accident or injury to the alveolar bone may cause damage in the form of loss of teeth and in some cases dire effects.

Sometimes an infection may spread due to an impact on the alveolar bone causing a medical condition called septicemia.

Some people may suffer from alveolar bone loss with age as a result of which their bone decreases in size.

Sometimes bone resorption may appear which is associated with may affect the jaw and cause teeth loss. So extracting of teeth at this point is a complete no-no.

In case of the bone getting severely damaged, grafting is performed on the alveolar bone to avoid further loss and make up for the bone that got damaged or to replace it.

One should make a habit of religiously going to a dentist every six months. He will do a quick checkup and appraise you from time to time on your oral hygiene.

He will study the alveolar bone and detect any danger so that any risks can be nipped in the bud.

So one should always maintain good oral hygiene and not ignore any symptoms to be on the safer side.

It will take a little effort on your part now but will be beneficial to you in the long run.