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Apexogenesis refers to a type of root canal treatment on a vital tooth which may have had the pulp exposed and which can allow further development of the root.

Because the root might not be fully formed when a chip or fracture occurs, it is difficult to totally fill the root canal. Apexogenesis allows further root formation even though the pulp of the tooth has been removed.

A hard tissue bridge is formed across the previously “open-ended” apex of the tooth. Calcium hydroxide is placed into the canal after opening access to the canal.

It’s allowed to stay in the canal for a healing period of a few months. After the patient returns, more definitive treatment occurs and a standard root canal filling material (gutta percha) is used to replace the calcium hydroxide.

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Dr. Muna Taqi is a Dental surgeon from India who has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Oral & Maxillofacial surgery, Endodontics, & Pedodontics. She has worked in multinational medical corporates in Middle East and is also a consultant dental surgeon for many. She has authored many articles for medical journals & websites and is a consultant dental expert for Healthdrip.

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