As your baby is growing and developing he will be reaching important milestones like teething. But with the joy of teething come problems like baby drooling, baby loose motions, baby losing weight, baby fever and baby bites tongue.

Most parents panic when their baby bites tongue and there is blood oozing out of it. They do not know what to do, and end up rushing to the hospital. Most experts advice that when a baby bites tongue, it is important to remain calm and soothe the baby.

Babies are very sensitive to their environment and once they realize any tension, they will cry uncontrollably. So it is important for the parents to be quiet and apply an ice pack to the baby tongue. One or two soothing words for the baby and you can also give him the feeding bottle as it will be very soothing for the baby.

If the bleeding does not seem to stop, then you can give the baby a frozen fruit bar as the cold temperature and the pressure on the tongue may stop the bleeding.

Therefore, it is not necessary to panic or worry when the baby bites tongue. One must understand that as you baby is growing up and exploring the world, he will be prone to accidents and therefore, one must watch the baby at all times.