If you think that is very convenient to continue giving the feeding bottle to your toddler then you must see the baby bottle mouth pictures that are available on the internet. One can also find a plethora of books containing the baby bottle mouth pictures.

When the baby is feeding from a bottle for long periods of time even after he has crossed the weaning stage then he may develop the baby bottle mouth symptoms that are evident in the baby bottle mouth pictures.

One must never allow the baby to sleep while feeding. The baby bottle mouth condition occurs when the baby has even feeding on bottle containing milk and the baby as well as the mother goes to sleep. Therefore, if you baby is insisting on a bottle one must give him water instead of milk.

There is milk residue in the bottle and it remains the mouth for a long time, it can lead to serious infections in the mouth. Initially cavities are formed on the upper and lower incisors and slowly there is tooth decay. Thus one must start good oral hygiene habits in the baby at a very young age in order to avoid the disease like the one seen in the baby bottle mouth pictures.