The first few weeks of the little one are so crucial and the parents get confused as to what to buy and what not to buy. We have consulted few experts and also checked with the parents and found out that they have different ideas of what’s baby essentials list.

Still there are few things in baby essentials list, like a place to sleep, a safe car seat, diapers and few other items for eating. We checked with few moms and took inputs from them about the other things which will make the babies more comfortable and enjoyable. These items aren’t essential but this will make the life easier for the parents and not to forget there are relatives and friends who can help you with stocking up of things.

Baby essentials list

To get a baby essentials list on the basic layette, don’t forget to read the below –

Baby essentials list

Nursing Pillows: This pillow will help you to support your kid while you are feeding. This comes in a variety of pillows with names like Boppy, My Best Friend etc.

Bibs: These are the most important part in the baby clothing. You require a minimum of 4 bibs to protect the baby’s clothing from any kind of drooling.

Nipple Cream: If you are breastfeeding your child then it might dry out the delicate skin of your nipples. The use of nipple cream will help ease the dryness, heal the cracked skin and soothes the soreness.

Breast Pump: If you are a working mother and breastfeeding too, then the Breast Pump can help you in providing your milk to the baby when you are not around. This pump will help you extract the milk and store for future use and hence providing chance for the other family members to feed and bond with the kid.

Formula: if you are unable to breastfeed your kid for some reason, then there are numerous formulas to choose from. There are a number of formulas available in the store and you can also check with your healthcare provider.

Bottles and nipples: Even though you plan to breastfeed your baby, you may still have to keep bottles and nipples available at home. You might require them when you need to pump. If in case the baby is not habituated to use a bottle and nipple then it might become difficult for you to apart. If he is exclusively on the formula then 8 to 10, 4 ounce bottles are needed in a day.

Baby essentials list for diapering

Changing Table: A stand-alone changing table comes with a safety railing and storage space for diapers and other accessories. However, it is not so important to have a changing table, a bureau or low dresser with a cushioned changing pad will work just fine.

Diapers: The most essential part of the baby’s layette. Much of the time in these early weeks goes in changing diapers. Most of the parents opt for the disposable diapers. Some choose a professional diaper service and few other prefer to wash cloth diapers at home. Decide which kind of diapers you want to use and store them much before the time. Bear in mind that you will be going through 10 to 12 diaper changes each day during the first few weeks.

If you decide to use disposable diapers then you may have to have at least 150 diapers handy and if you plan to use cloth then 6 to 10 packs (12 diapers per pack) of pre-folded diaper-service-quality diapers are needed. For cloth, you will also need a diaper pail, diaper covers, and rubber pants. Choose the diaper wraps that come with the Velcro otherwise you might end up using pins or clips which are not so safe for the babies.

Diaper Wipes: Essential to keep you child’s bottom clean while changing diapers.

Diaper Creams or Petroleum Jelly: It is a must to have a diaper cream irrespective of whether you are using a disposable diaper or a cloth. This will protect your baby’s skin against the diaper rash.

Diaper Disposable System: You can use your regular garbage cans but it might not prevent the diaper odor from escaping the can. Proper diaper disposable system is an effective way to store used diaper until you are ready to empty the trash. This will also help prevent the odor escape, unlike the usual garbage pails.

Diaper Bag: Plan for an attractive diaper bag as this will be a part of your outfit for several months to come. Whether you are going to a grocery store or to meet a relative it is important for you to carry everything which you baby needs while changing a diaper. Pick a bag which is attractive and has enough space so that it can accommodate a portable changing pad, a waterproof pocket or pouch for wet diapers, places to stash keys, wallet, etc.
Sleeping Necessities

Crib: Your newborn can sleep in a bassinet or a Moses basket until you decide to have a crib for the baby. It is not so important for you to buy a crib if in case you decide to share your bed with the baby, but eventually you might need a crib.

Mattress: Buy a firm innerspring or foam crib mattress.

Bedding: you must have at least 2 sets of crib sheets to avoid frequent laundry. Save few quilts and blankets for out of the crib cuddling.

Bathing baby essentials list

Plastic Bathtub: Look for a specially designed bathtub which will hold a wriggling baby, which will also keep him safe and provide your back a rest.

Hooded Terrycloth Towels: Wrapping the baby in one of these soft hooded towels is an excellent way to keep him warm and dry after a bath.

Getting Around

Front Pack or Sling: A newborn loves nothing else but being cuddled close to the heart, the warmth of your body and the thump of your heart will soothe the baby like nothing else. A front pack or sling will help your baby get close to your body and leaving your hands free to do the other work.

Stroller: Choose a stroller that reclines to almost flat for the newborn, unless your baby is 3 months old or have developed stronger neck muscle they shouldn’t be propped upright for too long. If you’re shopping for a new stroller, look for wide wheels, adjustable straps, and easy steering.

Car Seat: The U.S federal law demands that your child sit in a car seat while driving in any car – even on your way back home from the hospital. You can either use a rear-facing infant car seat designed for the baby which weighs 20 pounds or look for a convertible seat, which can face rear or front and can be used by both babies as well as older children.

Other baby essentials list Accessories

Receiving blankets: Try to keep at least 4 of these types. This is very essential item to wrap and comfort your baby as an extra layer of warmth.

Pacifiers: It is a known fact these days that the baby’s suck their thumbs even in the uterus, they just love to suck. A baby who wants more of nursing or another bottle of feed might require something else to suck on; a pacifier might do the trick this time. A pacifier also soothes the fussy baby when you might want to take some rest.

Not so important but fun for the baby

Infant Swing: A battery powered swing is just right for some of the parents. The back and forth movement of the swing will help calm a cranky baby and buy some time for you to do something else.

Bouncy Seat: Strap your baby at an angle of 45 degrees on a bouncy seat and let him have fun. It is designed to jiggle and soothe the baby.

Windup Music Box: No matter what age, music will help soothe the baby and put her to sleep. Use this music box every time to delight you baby and to train her to sleep.

Baby Mobiles: Hang one of these on your baby’s bed and you will produce hours of entertainment for him. A baby loves to watch the changing colors and watching them drift overhead will fascinate and soothe him. Few other mobiles come with changeable panel with different solid colors for older babies.

Baby Monitor: If you are staying in a big house where the bedrooms are often on a separate floor then baby monitor is the right choice for you. This will help you keep an eye on your baby while you are working in another room.

Night Lamp: one of these nightlights will help you feed your baby during night hours and also help in changing the diapers without actually switching on the lights and completely awakening the baby’s deep sleep and yours too.

These are the few things that are part of baby essentials list which you might require during the first few weeks. But for the parents whatever they do and buy for their newborn seems to be too less.