When traveling outdoors with a baby it is important to make sure that you are more vigilant. But in spite of this warning, parents tend to get distracted by the surroundings and make mistakes. Recently there was news about an accident where a baby falls into gorilla cage. A Zoo is the most preferred outing for most children.

But when taking your children to a zoo, there are certain safety measures that must be followed in order to prevent accidents. As a parent one must make sure that you follow all safety measures in order to prevent incidents like this one where baby falls into gorilla cage. One must not get too near the enclosure or else the baby falls into gorilla cage.

In the accident where the baby falls into gorilla cage, it was amazing how the gorilla kept guard over the baby. This incident has instigated an interest in various biologists from around the world, as it shows the close relationship between gorillas and the human species. Moreover it is also a proof that human evolved from Gorillas who also have a strong mother’s instinct very specific of humans.

On the flip side of the coin, it is very important for the parents to follow precautionary measures and protect your baby at all times.

Although your newborn baby cannot move around on his own, it is important to remember that even small babies can wriggle, kick and grab things and there is a first time to everything. There are many weird accidents that make the newspaper headlines each day and there was one where a baby falls into gorilla cage.

There are many real life incidents where a baby falls in gorilla cage and survives. There is also interesting information where a baby falls into gorilla cage and he is protected by the gorillas. According to science, the gorillas have a strong mother’s protective instinct and when a baby falls into their cage, they may also protect the baby as their own.

But, it is important to follow certain safety measure so as not to upset the animal as this could make the gorilla aggressive and hurt the baby that has fallen into the cage. When facing difficult situation like this one where baby falls into gorilla cage, one must keep a cool mind and chalk out a plan to get the baby. Then the baby must be thoroughly checked for any kind of injuries and observed for twenty four hours in order to rule out any internal injuries.