Babies are fragile and they must be essentially handled with care. When babies are born, their bones are as light as feathers and one must take utmost care while handling the babies. There are many instances where the baby may suffer from suffocation as the baby inhaled water. This is common especially when giving bath to a new born baby.

One must be very careful when giving a bath to small babies. Most babies do not know how to spit water and if you are careless when giving bath to the baby, he may inhale water. This is known as dry drowning, where the baby may suffer from severe injury to the lungs as the baby inhaled water.

One must make sure to hold the baby in an upright position when bathing the baby. In case the baby inhaled water by accident, he may show signs of breathlessness and coughing. In rare cases where the water has entered the lungs, the breathing will be more labored.

This can be observed when the region below the rib cage is being sucked in while breathing. The baby needs immediate medical attention and one must take the baby to the hospital. Unlike adults babies are very fragile and they can easily die from suffocation.

There if the baby inhaled water, one must get immediate medical care in order to avoid death due to dry drowning. One can use a hand shower while giving the baby a bath and make sure that the water doesn’t get into the babies face in case the baby has inhaled water, it could be dangerous.