Baby mouth sores are a major cause of concern for the parents as well as the pediatricians. It is important to differentiate the baby mouth sores from pimples. Some babies are born with tiny pimples around their mouth and these are not the baby mouth sores.

If you notice fluid filled blisters having a reddish base, surrounding the baby’s mouth then you must immediately take your baby to the doctor. These may be the cold sores which are rarely found in the babies but when they are present in the baby they can also cause many complications.

Sometimes when the virus spread to the cerebral region it may also cause death in the baby. Therefore one must not delay if your notice the cold sores in a baby less than three months old. The mouth sores may be transmitted to the baby by the use of contaminated feeding bottles and pacifiers.

In certain cases the baby may have contracted the disease from the day care center. If you notice any signs of baby mouth sores on the baby then you must inform the authorities of the day care center. There are many pictures of mouth sores in babies that are easily  available on the internet.

One can browse through the images in order to identify the various types of mouth sores found in babies.