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Baby not eating as much as usual

There are many parents who have established an eating schedule of their baby. This eating schedule contains information on the number of feedings that the baby is taking during the day and at night. If the bay has started taking solids then the feeding schedule will guide on the number of feeding and solids that are being given to the baby.

This will also give you useful inform action when your baby not eating as much as usual. This could be when the baby is having indigestion or gas. It is important to look out for other symptoms when the baby not eating as much as usual.

It could be that you are giving g him too much that he is not able to digest. Physical activity is also important for the baby as it enhance digestion. On the other hand  when the baby not eating as much a s usual and he has a temperature then the causative agent could be a bug in the stomach and the baby may require medication.

You must take the baby to the doctor for a checkup in order to ascertain if there is a viral infection. Sometimes the doctor may also make alterations in the eating schedule for your baby. But most of the time baby not eating as much as usual is not a reason to worry about.

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