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Baby sticking tongue out

Once a child is born, he becomes the focal point of all affection. Every action is scrutinized to the point that sometimes even a slight move out of routine may cause worry. Today we will be discussing one such issue, that is baby sticking tongue out.

As babies cannot talk and it would take a good year or two for them to learn any language, they express themselves through a variety of face and hand movements. Sometimes you may guess what the baby is trying to suggest with those gestures, for instance a baby crying may refer to him needing a diaper change.

In the same way, a baby sticking out his tongue may mean that he is hungry. At other times, there might be a complete new meaning to a baby sticking tongue out. He might seem disinterested in drinking milk when he is forcefully fed.

When we play with babies, then a lot of times we use gestures and sounds to interact with them. We stick our tongue out animatedly and the child laughs. He relates this experience with joy and may repeat it. So baby sticking tongue out here is out of pure happiness.

Sometimes a baby is on mother’s milk for a significant period of time, and eventually gets a taste of solid food. He might not take well to it initially and that can explain this problem. Although the reasons aforementioned regarding baby sticking tongue out are pretty harmless, it is prudent to consult a specialist in case of any other doubts.

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