What are the signs of baby thrash in mouth? Here is a list of the some of the common symptoms associated with baby thrash in mouth.

1) When there is baby thrash in mouth there will be white sores spread in the oral cavity.

2) When present in the mouth the white circular patches may appear on the lower lip, inside of the cheeks and the lower lip.

3) When there are white patches in the mouth one may also observe other symptoms like diaper rash and rash on feet and hands.

4) If it is a baby girl then thrash infection also affects the vagina. The thrash infection occurs due to candidiasis bacteria and it must be treated with an appropriate antibiotic. The doctor may prescribe flucanozole or nystatin as it is easily available.

The white patches may last for a week’s time and one must regularly apply the antibiotic medicine on the skin. One must continue to apply the medicines at least for a period of six to seven days in order to prevent relapse.

There are many pictures the baby thrash in mouth, and are easily available on YouTube. One can check with these pictures in order to ascertain if the white patches inside your baby’s mouth are really thrash infection.

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