Oral hygiene for a newborn baby includes cleaning the baby tongue on a regular basis. Newborn babies are unable to clean their tongue as there is inadequate production of saliva. Thus if you are following this routine then you must have noticed baby with white tongue.

The white color of the tongue may indicate the presence of milk residue or thrush infection on the tongue. In case the baby has foul smell with white tongue, then it is caused due to bacterial thrush infection, one may also observe other symptoms like white spots on the inside of the baby’s cheeks and lips.

This is also associated with white spots on the vagina and other peripheral regions. This is a bacterial infection and one may need to take a prescription of antibiotic medicine for the treatment of baby with white tongue.

If you want to clean the milk residue on the baby’s tongue, you must use a wash cloth dipped in warm water and rub the tongue in circular motions. One must not use too hot water as it could cause blisters on the tongue.

If the baby with white tongue persists, then you can also use fluoride toothpaste in order to clean the baby’s tongue. One can also take the baby to the doctor for a checkup.