Bellini duct carcinoma is also known by the names tubulocystic or low grade collecting duct carcinoma. It is a rare kind of cancer (it is somewhat like kidney cancer) that originates in the kidney, that is in the duct of Bellini of kidney. The occurrence of this kind of cancer is pretty rare, accounting to just 1 to 3 percent of all the kidney cancers. The percentage of this was even lower in 2002, with only forty cases reported world wide as against several thousands reported for other cancers.


They are same like that of kidney cancer or renal carcinoma and hence is hard to detect.


Previously, bellini duct carcinoma was often mistakenly diagnosed as renal cell carcinoma or its subtype. This confusion is mainly due to its complex location.The appearance of this cancer is somewhat like “Bubble wrapped”.

Bellini duct carcinoma


Drugs for chemotherapy, which are generally used for renal cancers, don’t really work on this kind of cancer. Further more, this cancer has been reported to have a maximum of 2 years survival and the chances of beating the cancer is hardly 20 percent.

The unavailability of study reports on bellini duct carcinoma makes it all the more complex to diagnose and treat. This is mainly because it is rare in its existence and hence no standard protocol has been set right for it. Clinical and histop data can be compared with few published works.

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