Benign adenoma is differentiated from a malignant adenoma, as it lacks certain characteristics that lead to the spread of the disease. Benign adenoma is described as benign tumors that are found in the various endocrine glands in the human body.

This type of adenoma does not spread to the other parts of the body as it is dormant or inactive. The initial stages of cancer are presented in the form of benign adenoma, which may later progress to malignancy.

It is very important to identify cancer in these initial stages, when it is in the form of a benign adenoma as it is easy to control the disease.

Today, there is a growing awareness about cancer and more and more people are able to curb the spread of cancer to other parts of the body. The term benign is essentially used to describe the disease as it refers to mild or non progressive disease.

It can be differentiated from malignant adenoma as the benign tumor does not increase in size and does not spread to the other parts of the body. The benign adenoma is usually covered by a protective layer that prevents the tumor from spreading to the other tissues. In medical terms, the benign tumor does not proliferate to the other parts of the body.

However, in the case of adenomas, the benign adenoma may eventually grow into a malignant adenoma. This can be identified when the tumor grows in size as there is an increased level of cell activity. Early detection of cancer is strategic in curing the disease and checking the spread of cancer in the human body.