Factors affecting child development – Growth and development is a complex process that depends on the inherent biological potential as well as various environmental influences including social, emotional and pathological factors. Important factors affecting child development are as follows — I. Intrinsic (Biological) factors affecting child development determine the inherent… Continue Reading Factors affecting child development

Hemorrhagic varicella is a condition most commonly observed in immuno-compromised or immuno-suppressed patients. In many cases , it has been found that hemorrhagic varicella may  affect normal adults as well as children. Some of the clinical syndromes associated with hemorrhagic varicella include febrile purpura and malignant chickenpox with pupura. It… Continue Reading Hemorrhagic varicella

Palmar grasp – As the child grows and develops itself, he goes through several stages. These stages are called reflexes. They are different stages and have different reflexes. The different reflexes in the child development are “adaptive value of reflexes”, “moro reflex”, “Walking  or stepping reflex”, “rooting reflex”, “sucking reflex”, “tonic… Continue Reading Palmar grasp

During the reproductive years, women may get affected by Urinary Tract Infection which is very common. It is caused by bacteria from the urinary tract and in severe cases may even harm kidneys and bladder. Women who have urinary tract infection during third trimester should be treated immediately otherwise they… Continue Reading Urinary tract infection during third trimester