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Diseases & Conditions

Subacute combined degeneration of the cord

It is an uncommon neurological disorder and is associated with pernicious anemia. There is degeneration of posterior and lateral columns of the spinal cord and of peripheral nerves leading to paraesthesia, tingling and numbness in the limbs with sensory loss, impairment of deep sensibility, motor weakness and ataxia. Aetopathogenesis Vitamin …

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Motor neurone disease

Motor neurone disease is the term applied to a group of degenerative disorders characterized pathologically by involvement of motor neurones of the spinal cord, medulla and motor cortex with sparing of peripheral nerves and sensory system. Involvement of cortical neurones gives rise to predominant upper motor neurone lesion while that of …

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Diseases of Muscles

Muscles in the body consist of both voluntary and involuntary forms and of these voluntary or sthated muscles constitute the largest component in the body. A muscle is composed of several muscle fibres and each muscle fibre represents a separate anatomic and physiologic unit. A single muscle fibre contains thousands …

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