Causes of negligence by the patients: They are: (I) PHYSICIAN RELATED: Breakdown in physician-patient relationship; or utter disregard for the life and safety of the patient (poor and ineffective communication with the patient and his relatives). Rude behaviour of the physician. Less frequent house calls. Complex invasive procedures for diagnosis… Continue Reading Causes of negligence by the patients

Criminal negligence: The question of criminal negligence may arise: (1) When a doctor shows gross absence of skill or care during treatment resulting in serious injury to or death of the patient, by acts of omission or commission. (2) When a doctor performs an illegal act. (3) When an assaulted… Continue Reading When does medical criminal negligence take place?

Medical negligence or Professional negligence is defined as absence of reasonable care and skill, or willful negligence of a medical practitioner in the treatment of a patient, which causes bodily injury or death of the patient. Negligence is defined as doing something that one is not supposed to do, or… Continue Reading Medical negligence or Professional negligence

Privileged communication – Exceptions in professional secrecy It is a statement made bonafide upon any subject matter by a doctor to the concerned authority, due to his duty to protect the interests of the community or of the State. To be privilegedcommunication, the communication must be made to a person… Continue Reading Privileged communication – Exceptions in professional secrecy

Doctors professional misconduct It is any conduct of the doctor which might reasonably be regarded as disgraceful or dishonorable. The conduct of the doctor is judged by professional men of good repute and competence. It involves an abuse of professional position. WARNING NOTICE: A registered medical practitioner is required to… Continue Reading Doctors professional misconduct