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Prolactinoma – Causes & Symptoms

Prolactinoma, are the most commonly available pituitary tumors. They are involved in secretion of prolactin hormone and they are available in varying sizes. Prolactinoma stats that the tumors may arise from neoplasms that are found on the anterior pituitary lactotrophs and this leads to excessive production of the this hormone. …

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Abdominal aortic aneurysm

An abdominal aortic aneurysm x ray confirms that the large blood vessel that supplies blood to the abdominal area including the pelvis and the legs has become dilated. This abnormal condition has ballooned and is causing pressure on the adjacent area. Very few people know that what they see in …

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Is liposuction safe?

So is liposuction safe? Though it is not an effective method of losing weight but it is considered as a safe method. As it does not guarantee you that you will remain in same shape throughout your life. In the present era being overweight is a major concern for people …

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What is Allergic Rhinitis & How is it caused?

Allergic rhinitis is one such condition created by the harmful effect of altered immunity. The word allergy means as altered reactivity of the body immune system to certain environment substances, namely-allergens. However the same protective mechanisms may at times become harmful when the body tries eliminate allergens from the system. …

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Posture contributes a lot to Back Pain

In general 60% of the population spends lot of time in sitting for long hours at one position.This leads to bad posture and ultimately back ache, neck pain and generalized tiredness.Its because more amount of forces and movement is noticed in the spinal disc leading to back pain. The neck …

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Dentist’s Role in Aids Epidemic

We know that the chances of contracting HIV-infection in a dental setup is very slim. However, as health care workers, dental students and dentists, we must be knowledgeable of the disease process, its oral manifestations and their management, modes of transmission, preventive strategies, and most importantly the instructions to the …

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