Vitamin B12 deficiency – Cobalamin is a cobalt-containing vitamin, essential for nucleic acid metabolism and myelin formation. (Cyancobalamin is the therapeutic preparation, used to treat Vitamin B1, deficiency). Widely present in animal sources, Vitamin B12 is absent in plant foods, but may be endogenously synthesized by colonic bacteria. Vitamin B12 absorption… Continue Reading Vitamin B12 deficiency

Although many Nutrition program in India are operational in India for high-risk children, many of them are being integrated with wider-spectrum programs i.e. ICDS. Salient features of some general nutritional programs are discussed here, while those against specific nutritional deficiencies have been discussed in relevant chapters. Applied nutrition program in… Continue Reading Nutrition program in India

Nutritive value of Indian foods – Due to marked geographic variations in India, It is important to consider local food preferences, availability and affordability, while offering nutritional counseling. Nutritive value of Indian foods are discussed here. All protein and caloric values in the following discussion are given as in 100… Continue Reading Nutritive value of Indian foods