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Baby Feeding

Baby not eating as much as usual

There are many parents who have established an eating schedule of their baby. This eating schedule contains information on the number of feedings that the baby is taking during the day and at night. If the bay has started taking solids then the feeding schedule will guide on the number …

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Baby nutrition

New parents are often worried about the baby nutrition. They are not so sure about what to feed and when to feed. So today we will provide you with the complete eating schedule of the baby’s nutrition in a nutshell. Feeding until the baby turns 6 months old Breastfeeding or …

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Breastfeeding vs bottle feeding

Every mother has a right to decide what she chooses for her baby, breastfeeding vs bottle feeding. If she is properly informed and well educated on the matter then she can make her own educated choice. Breastfeeding Feeding your baby can be very rewarding and a time to enjoy a real …

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Newborn always hungry

My newborn is always hungry, this is a common complaint amongst all new mothers. Newborn always hungry is not unusual. Newborn babies usually don’t define correlate feedings with hunger, especially breastfed babies. For them feedings are a solace from this strange world they are unaccustomed to. They derive comfort and …

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How much should a 9 week old baby eat

Have you been bothered lately with the question how much should a 9 week old baby eat? It is important  that your baby gets accustomed to your family routine including doorbell ringing, siblings laughing out loud, rumblings from the washing machine or the loud noise from the vacuum cleaner, all …

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