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Chinese history of dentistry

Chinese  history of dentistry – Ancient China is responsible for contributing much to the modem world. Specifically, this civilization introduced many innovations to the field of dentistry. The Chinese  history of dentistry developed several methods of treating tooth disease, many before western European countries utilized them.

For example, they began treating toothaches with arsenic about A.D. 1000. They are also noted for their development of using silver amalgam for filling teeth. Another area in which the Chinese were very astute is the field of oral medicine.

The Chinese were particularly advanced in their observation of the oral cavity. In an ancient work called the Canon of Medicine, dentistry is discussed.

A section of this work is dedicated specifically to mastication and deglutition. The Chinese were also interested in systemic diseases and their connection to ora1manifestations. For example, they recognized that prior to the development of measles, white spots would appear in a person’s oral cavity.

Another significant area of study among Chinese surgeons in Chinese  history of dentistry was oral surgery. Scientists have discovered many writings regarding the extraction of teeth and the instruments utilized to perform such tasks.

In addition, information has been found in Chinese  history of dentistry relating to the abscesses of teeth and other oral structures. The Chinese based many treatments for abscesses on scientific observation. Finally, the Chinese surgeons delved extensively into surgery techniques of the oral cavity.

For example, there was written documentation in Chinese  history of dentistry regarding tumour removal and surgical repair due to trauma. They also dealt extensively with early repair of cleft palates, lip, and other congenital defects.

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    Quite informative article.

  2. I am particularly impressed with the history of dentistry in Ancient China, which I am only learning now that I have visited a Silk Road exhibit in our local Natural History museum (although it’s a traveling exhibit nationwide.) The Exhibit gives 80% of all the credits to Muslims, and 20%, if that much, to China. We were struck with the bias and misinformation of the exhibit and a group of us are working now to vet the information and put an end to the wanton propaganda. The innocent public, including teachers and students, are being taken in by what we see as a small part of stealth jihad.

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