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Eccentric occlusion

Eccentric occlusion refers to contact of teeth that occurs during movement of the mandible.

Eccentric occlusion can be of two types:

• Fuctional occlusion
• Non functional occlusion

Functional occlusion

Functional Eccentric occlusion (also called working side occlusion) refers to tooth contacts that occur in the segment of the arch towards which the mandible moves.

Functional occlusion can be of two types:

Lateral functional occlusion: It includes tooth contacts that occur on canines and posterior teeth on the side towards which the mandible moves. The lateral functional occlusion can be of two types:

• Canine guided occlusion : During lateral mandibular movement, the opposing upper & lower canines of the working side contact thereby causing disclusion of all posterior teeth on the working & balancing sides. Canine guided eccentric occlusion is usually seen in young individuals with unworn dentition. In a canine guided occlusion, the mandibular canine cusp tip tracks from the centric contact point at the mesial marginal ridge towards the cusp tip of the maxillary canine.

• Grouped lateral occlusion: In addition to canine guidance, certain other posterior teeth on the working side also contact during lateral movement of the mandible. Such a type f contact during lateral movement is called grouped lateral occlusion.

Protrusive functional occlusion : It includes eccentric contacts that occur when the mandible moves forward. Ideally the six mandibular anterior teeth contact along the lingual inclines of the maxillary anterior teeth while the posteriors disocclude.

Non-functional Eccentric occlusion

They are tooth contacts that occur in the segment away from which the mandible moves. For example if the mandible is more to the left side, contacts occur on the right side of the arch.

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