Parenting a child is the most privileged thing for any parent as the new born baby is the greatest gift you will ever receive. In fact, the bond between the parent and child is so intensely personal, that parents often devote all their energy and resources in bringing up their children.

Babies do not come with a handle with care tag and are fragile; therefore, they need lots of love and care. Being a parent brings new responsibilities, planning and organization. Here is a useful checklist of essential baby items list.

The first and foremost thing that comes in the baby items list is newborn baby diaper. Antibacterial wipes are a must have, on the essential baby items list. Some parents just cannot do without a large pack of antibacterial wipes that are multipurpose wet wipes.

Newborn babies often develop diaper rash which is very painful for them, so it is always useful to have large tube of a diaper rash cream handy at all times. Iron fortified formula is often preferred by women who do not opt for breast feeding, or by working women who often leave their babies at a daycare center.

First aid kit comprising of a baby thermometer, nail clipper, medicines and droppers are very useful when a baby falls sick or in case of vaccination, and must be purchased in essential items list.

Baby bathing supplies like mild shampoos, soaps oil and much more are very useful when it is baby bath time. One can also choose from a wide variety of sleeping supplies for the new born and many more from traveling essential baby items list. But the best gift you can give to your baby is unconditional love, good health and happiness in life.