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Feeding schedule for 2 month old baby

If you want to make a feeding schedule for 2 month old baby in order to ascertain your baby’s diet, you can consult the doctor first. According to experts, the baby should be able to take 3 to 4 ounces of milk during each feeding. One can also increase the quantity of milk, if the baby is crying for more.

By the time, your baby has reached the two months mark; you will be more attuned to his general temperament. If you get lucky, your baby might even reward you with a smile that remains etched out in the memories forever. If you are a first time mother, taking care of a newborn may seem to be too hectic, but by this time you would have well adjusted to the routine and are feeling less jittery whenever the baby cries.

Most parents plan a feeding schedule for the baby, if the growth and development is normal. According to experts, the baby must essentially continue to feed on breast milk or formula in his first year.

But you will know that it is time to plan a feeding schedule for 2 month baby when he is still crying for more, after he has finished his bottle. If you are breastfeeding, you can supplement with one or two bottles of formula. You may have to do this as your breast milk production may not be enough for the growing baby.

If you are making changes in the schedule of the baby, it will be reflected in his bowel movements. But it has been noted that sometimes the baby may pass only one stool during the day, or it may also be once in a week.

There is no cause of alarm and you don’t need to change the schedule as this is very normal, until and unless the motion is too loose or too hard that it causes discomfort for the baby. If you are facing any problems you can also consult the doctor.

There is no hard and fast rule for establishing a feeding schedule for 2 month old baby. There are many babies who start taking solids right from the time they are three months old. Some babies are not ready too soon, and they usually come round to starting solids when they are 5 months old.

Many parents are waiting eagerly, in order to introduce their baby to a whole new world of taste and texture. But, they have to wait as the 2 month old baby schedule is usually designed around breast milk or formula.

If the baby has diarrhea, then the schedule is altered, and the baby is given more electrolytes or soy milk until his digestive system returns to normal.

While preparing for the feeding schedule for 2 month old baby, one must make sure to wash his hands thoroughly with soap, he must sterilize the feeding bottle and nipple and use pre boiled water before measuring the right quantity of the formula extract. One must shake the bottle well and check the temperature of the baby formula on the inside of your wrist before giving it to the baby.

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