Fibrocystic breast disease is identified by the presence of lumps in women. It can also be accompanied by a level of discomfort. The conditions are very common in women and it is mostly available in a benign form.

This means that the condition is not malignant and it will not cause any harm. It is very common in women who have lumpy breasts and it is known to affect a major portion of women population in the United States of America.

The condition is found to affect women who are in their child bearing and premenopausal stages, but the women who are in their menopause may not be affected by the condition. It is difficult to diagnose the fibrocystic breast disease as the condition may vary and the cysts may be in the initial stages or they may be severe.

Fibrocystic breast disease

In some cases, the women may complain of tenderness in breasts associated with pain. The symptoms may also occur during the premenstrual phase. Most women are able to conduct a self examination in order to identify the disease.

If you find any noticeable lumps, then it is important to refer to the doctor. In this case, lumpy one may show a level of tenderness that is also associated with pain. It is important to identify the fibrocystic breast disease at an early stage, so that it is easy to treat the condition.

In cases where the ailment has progressed to malignancy, the course of treatment will be very long. Hope is very important when dealing with life threatening ailments, as it helps you overcome fear on the route to recovery.

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