The term frontal operculum has been derived from the latin word “ operculum frontale” and it can be viewed by exposing the insula of the left side of human brain. In common terms the word operculum in “operculum frontale” means “little lid”.

The frontal operculum is the part  of the frontal lobe in human brain that is the posterior portion of the inferior frontal gyrus. The  frontal and temporal lobes are bifurcated by the sylvian fissure. It comprises of the most important broca’s area.

The broca’s area is an important part of the brain that is strategic for various communications skills like speech , writing skills and reading capabilities. The frontal operculum is inundated with various vascular capillaries  that arise from the M3  branches of the middle cerebral artery.

Albert Einstein brain has been studied for a long time and various unique characteristics have been noted. According to autopsy reports it was found that the parietal operculum that is present below the frontal operculum, showed major morphological defects.