According to latest studies by Emory University of Atlanta, It’s not just mothers but fathers also undergo hormonal changes which are likely to increase their care,empathy and motivation for their children.

The Love hormone- Oxytocin play an important role in bonding fathers with their child. It is a hormone which naturally occurs in our body.

MRI scan conducted on brains of few dads revealed that those who had received boosts of oxytocin hormone through nasal spray showed increased activity in areas of brain associated with love, care and empathy for their toddlers when they were shown old pictures.

These studies also suggest that the love hormone, oxytocin might help someday to treat patients suffering from post-partum depression, especially men and also play an important role in social bonding of men with their families.

The finding also reveals that those families in which father’s involvement with their children growth reduces the child’s risk of health issues and mental illness. It also helps the child’s social , mental and educational growth and development and to cope with the society.

But the finding fails to understand why some fathers are more caring and involved with their children than others. To understand these variations in the fathers behavior , a clear picture of the neurobiology and neural mechanism  of fathers and the effect of oxytocin hormone is still not found.