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how often should a 5 week old baby eat

The most commonly asked question is that how often should a 5 week old baby eat? Now that the baby has completed his first month, he would have fallen into a fixed routine, and thus it is easy to ascertain the frequency of his hunger or demand for food.

Most pediatricians, who are faced with this question, tell us that the baby is more awake during this phase of development and would sleep less during the daytime. He may also take feedings every 3 to 4 hours in case the baby continues to cry after his regular feeding then it is time to increase his dose. But, if your baby is still hungry then you can start solids too. But it is important to consult the doctor in order to know how often should a 5 week old baby eat.

It is advisable to start with rice cereal. As this form of cereal contains gluten that is easily digestible. At 5 weeks, the baby’s gastrointestinal tract is still developing and therefore, one must try to give rice cereal that is mixed with baby formula or breast milk.

But on the other hand, if the baby is constipated with the change in diet then one must revert back to breast milk or formula and reintroduce solids when the baby is ready. Most parents also maintain a chart in order to ascertain how often should a 5 week old baby eat. A plethora of information about baby eating schedules is also available in the internet.

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