According to various medical sources, ibuprofen antipyretic is an agent that is used in order to reduce the symptoms associated with fever. The ibuprofen antipyretic drug is mostly administered to children who are suffering from various medical problems.

In the earlier days, paracetamol was mostly used in order to reduce fever symptoms. But it has been found to be associated with various side effects.

Thus, ibuprofen antipyretic drug is prescribed in order to lower the temperature as well as to reduce the amount of irritation or discomfort associated with fever symptoms.

Ibuprofen antipyretic is an analgesic and anti inflammatory drug, that can have been found to be effective in reducing fever within short span of twenty minutes. In fact, this drug has been found to be more potent than aspirin.

Once ibuprofen antipyretic is administered to the child, it does not interfere with the body’s ability to fight infection. The level of toxicity is also greatly reduced as it is rapidly metabolized and excreted.

Various studies have been conducted, in order to assess the effectiveness of ibuprofen over paracetamol. The studies also included the determination of the precise role of various factors, like the age of the child, and initial temperature of the patient at the time of administration of the medicine.