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Intraoral Radiography

(1) Bite-wing Intraoral Radiography. Bite-wings are taken of posterior teeth usually to check for any interproximal caries or periodontal condition.

A bite-wing intraoral radiography must show the crown areas of the upper and lower posterior teeth from the mesial of the first premolars to the distal of the third molars.

The dentist can use these to diagnose:

• Interproximal decay. Decay between the mesial and distal areas which can not be seen or felt with the explorer.

• Restoration contour Overhang of silver or composite filling material, which is usually under the gingival tissue. Extra filling material left at the margin of the cavity can cause irritation to the tissue and act as a food trap.

• Pulp size in relation to caries.

• Bone levels around the teeth. Bite- wings detect the beginnings of periodontal bone loss.

• The location of subgingival calculus.

(2) Periapical (PA) intraoral radiography. The periapical intraoral radiography is taken to get the image of the root, crown, apex, surrounding bone and periodontal ligament support of an individual tooth and problems, such as an apical abscess, broken root, or other painful emergencies. One periapical film may show three or four teeth, depending on size. The tooth that is to be examined should be centered in the film.

3) Occlusal intraoral radiography. The occlusal radiograph is taken to show:

• The position of permanent dentition under the deciduous teeth.

• Destruction of tissue from a palatal or sublingual pathology.

• Fractures.

• Size of the dental arches.

• Mandibular tori (an overgrowth of bone found on the lingual surface of the mandibular bone).

• The condition of an edentulous (without natural teeth) ridge.

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